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Legend by Sidhu Moosewala Mp3 Download

Legend song download by Sidhu Moosewala


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Download Legend Sidhu Moosewala Song

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Legend Song Lyrics

Ho Unlimited Challde Aa Vair Ni, I Have Conflicts With Countless Number Of People. Limited Count Ne Breath De, But My Breaths Are Very Limited. Main Duniya De Opposite Challda, I Do Things Oppositely Compare To Rest Of The World. Te Parallel Challda Aa Death De, While I Walk Parallel To Death. Kaiyan De Tan Dilan Wich Rehna Aa, Many Love Me From Heart. Kayian De Tan Samjho Vi Bahar Ni. While Many Are Not Even Able To Understand Me. Oh Young’ An Wich Age Aundi Mithiye, My Age Is Amongst The Youngest Artists. Te Legend’ An Cho Aunda Tera Yaar Ni But My Name Is Enlisted Amongst The Legends. Ho Sade Hundeyan Tan Saah Vi Nai Kadd De, They Don’t Dare To Make A Movement In Our Presence. Hero Ban Gaye Aa Meri Absence Te, But Now In My Absence They Have Turned Heroes. Oh Pump’ An Wich Aake Saale Udd De, They Do All This Under Manipulation Of Others. Main Pump Action Chadayi Tan License Te, And I Have A Licensed Pump Action Gun. 6 Paindiyan Ne Dhokhe Da Koi Chance Ni, It Fires 6 Rounds With Single Catridge, So There Is No Chance Of Failure. Oh Jatt Di Mashook Koi Naar Ni. It’s Not A Girl Who Is My Girlfriend. It’s My Gun. O Young-an Vich Age Aondi Mithiye, My Age Is Amongst The Youngest Artists. Tay Legend-an Cho Aonda Teraa Yaar Ni. But My Name Is Enlisted Amongst The Legends. Oh Online Beef Jede Karde, The Ones Who Bad Mouth About Me On Social-media. Unjh Mera Baal Vi Ni Pattde, In Real They Can’t Even Touch A Hair Of Mine. Interview’ An Check Kar Layin, You Could Check The Interviews, O Wicho-wichi Fan Saale Jatt De

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