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Tarsem Jassar New Mp3 Songs 2018

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Tarsem Jassar
Punjabi Singer 2018

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Biography: Tarsem Jassar is Punjabi Sikh Singer, best writer and kaint actor. From 2012 he released his first written album Vehli Janta and his debut single Attwadi as singer with his best friend Kulbir Jhinjer. Tarsem Singh Jassar completed his study from Mata Gujri College District Sri Fatehgarh sahib with Jhinjer. Greatness is he never sell his songs to others. All of his songs are so popular (att) and His first punjabi movie Rabb Da Radio was superhit starring with Mandy Takhar and Simi Chahal. Now on 3rd Nov his new Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad is releasing in Cinemas. Must Watch and keep supporting to Tarsem Singh Jassar

Tarsem Jassar New Song Download

» Disco (Tarsem Jassar)
» Uda Aida (Tarsem Jassar) (Album)
» Uda Aida Title Song (Tarsem Jassar)
» Value (Tarsem Jassar)
» Hero (Tarsem Jassar)
» Kheen Khaab (Tarsem Jassar)
» Afsar (Tarsem Jassar) (Album)
» Stone Jade Nau Te (Tarsem Jassar)
» Rangle Chubare (Tarsem Jassar)
» Brola (Tarsem Jassar)
» Khadoos (Tarsem Jassar)
» Big Shot (Tarsem Jassar)
» Ik Do Gazlan (Tarsem Jassar)
» Turbanator (Tarsem Jassar) (Album)
» Daana Paani Title Song (Tarsem Jassar)
» Countrysiders (Tarsem Jassar)
» Humble (Tarsem Jassar)
» Geet De Wargi (Tarsem Jassar)
» Chithiayaan (Tarsem Jassar)
» Sardar Mohammad (Tarsem Jassar) (Album)
» Single Double (Tarsem Jassar)
» Yaari (Tarsem Jassar)
» Karvai (Tarsem Jassar)
» Rehmat (Original) (Tarsem Jassar)
» Tere Bajhon (Tarsem Jassar)
» Sardara (Rabb Da Radio) (Tarsem Jassar)
» Sarbansdani (Tarsem Jassar)
» Student Visa (Tarsem Jassar)
» Asool (Tarsem Jassar)
» Galwakdi Remix (Tarsem Jassar)
» Aunda Sardar (Tarsem Jassar)
» Over Under (Tarsem Jassar)
» Mardan Di Shaan (Tarsem Jassar)
» Illuminati (Tarsem Jassar)
» Ghaint Bande (Tarsem Jassar)
» Fit Fit (Tarsem Jassar)
» Creez (Tarsem Jassar)
» Bas Yaara Lai (Tarsem Jassar)
» Kundi Muchh (Tarsem Jassar)
» Galwakdi (Tarsem Jassar)
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