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Rupinder Handa New Mp3 Songs 2018

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Rupinder Handa
Punjabi Singer 2018

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Biography: Rupinder Handa is punjabi female singer. She was winner of Awaaz Punjab Di in 2005. Rupinder got fame from her album Mere Haniyan in 2006 and she became more famous from her second album Fulkariyan in 2009.

Rupinder Handa New Song Download

» Careless Chan (Rupinder Handa)
» Dadi De Laal (Rupinder Handa)
» Queen Of Sardar (Rupinder Handa)
» Berukhiyan (Rupinder Handa)
» Stay Away (Rupinder Handa)
» Parwah Ni Karidi (Rupinder Handa)
» Cheatingan (Rupinder Handa)
» Jodiyan (Rupinder Handa)
» Ek Teri Naa Ton (Rupinder Handa)
» Stand (Rupinder Handa)
» Sirjanhara (Rupinder Handa)
» Sajna Ve (Rupinder Handa)
» Arrab Punjaban (Rupinder Handa)
» Sardar Te Mardi (Rupinder Handa)
» Takhtposh (Rupinder Handa)
» Ik Kadam (Rupinder Handa)
» Udham Singh Sardar (Rupinder Handa)
» Drive (Rupinder Handa)
» Nede Nede (Rupinder Handa)
» Roki Na (Rupinder Handa)
» Tor Da Craze (Rupinder Handa)
» Intzaar (Rupinder Handa)
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