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Ranjit Bawa New Mp3 Songs 2019

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Ranjit Bawa
Punjabi Singer 2019

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Biography: Ranjit Singh Bajwa usually referred to as Ranjit Bawa is a Punjabi Sikh singer. He become born in Wadala Granthian village close to Gurdaspur on March of 14th. He became famous from his single track Jatt Di Akal which broke many Punjabi statistics. He made his debut inside the Album, Mitti Da Bawa which was awarded world fine Album of year 2015 Brit Asia Awards. He has additionally acquired percent excellent people oriented song Award in 2013 for his song Jatt Di Akal. he will make his movie debut in playing the name role in Toofan Singh, a semi-biographical movie approximately the Eighties Punjabi activist Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan.

Ranjit Bawa New Song Download

» Badami Rangiye (Ranjit Bawa)
» Kala Shah Kala (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Kis Mod Tey (Ranjit Bawa)
» End Yaariyaan (Ranjit Bawa)
» High End Yaariyaan (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Viah Te Peepniyan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Gurpurab (Ranjit Bawa)
» Akh Naar Di (Ranjit Bawa)
» Vadda Kalakaar (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Kangan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Jor (Ranjit Bawa)
» Phulkari (Ranjit Bawa)
» Weekend (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sun Sohniye (Ranjit Bawa)
» Att Chukni (Ranjit Bawa)
» Mr & Mrs 420 Returns (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Chann Wargi (Ranjit Bawa)
» 3 Lakh Rude Boy Remix (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sanjha Punjab (Ranjit Bawa)
» Simple Suit (Ranjit Bawa)
» Bachpan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Nanke Dadke (Ranjit Bawa)
» Khand Da Khidaona (Ranjit Bawa)
» Pagg Da Brand (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sassi (Ranjit Bawa)
» Jean 2 (Ranjit Bawa)
» Chhaavan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Photoan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Ik Tare Wala (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Suhaag (Ranjit Bawa)
» Khido Khundi (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Dillagi (Ranjit Bawa)
» Apnya Di Thaa (Ranjit Bawa)
» Diljaniya (Ranjit Bawa)
» Parahune (Ranjit Bawa)
» Gaddi Charda (Ranjit Bawa)
» Heavy Weight Bhangra (Ranjit Bawa)
» Rani (Ranjit Bawa)
» Bhalwan Singh (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Phulkari Remix (Ranjit Bawa)
» Aakad (Ranjit Bawa)
» Manak Di Kali (Ranjit Bawa)
» Muqabla (Ranjit Bawa)
» Kund Kadke (Ranjit Bawa)
» Truckan Wale (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sacha Aashiq Koi Nahi (Ranjit Bawa)
» Toofan Singh (Ranjit Bawa) (Album)
» Tere Mere Khwabaan Da Desh (Ranjit Bawa)
» Tera Das Ki Amiyei (Ranjit Bawa)
» Noonh Labhni (Ranjit Bawa)
» Toofan Rokne (Ranjit Bawa)
» Kaal (Ranjit Bawa)
» Baabu Ji (Ranjit Bawa)
» Chal Jindua Ft Jasmine Sandlas (Ranjit Bawa)
» Thar (Ranjit Bawa)
» Shadi Dot Com (Ranjit Bawa)
» Kankan (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sarvann Putt (Ranjit Bawa)
» Ja Ve Mundya (Ranjit Bawa)
» Chat Purani (Ranjit Bawa)
» Meri Sardarniye (Ranjit Bawa)
» Pendu Live (Ranjit Bawa)
» Google (Ranjit Bawa)
» Pranthe (Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Birmingham (Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sardarni(Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Katal Case(Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Yaad Shaheedi (Ranjit Bawa)
» Bad Company (Ranjit Bawa)
» Munda Ho Gaya Jawan (Ranjit Bawa)
» College Life(Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Dc Jatt(Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Aatam Hatya (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sher Marna (Ranjit Bawa)
» Jatt Mele Aa Gya (Ranjit Bawa)
» Airpot(Live) (Ranjit Bawa)
» Sydney (Ranjit Bawa)
» Des (Ranjit Bawa)
» 3 Lakh (Ranjit Bawa)
» Rang (Ranjit Bawa)
» Qurbani-Ranjit Bawa (Ranjit Bawa)
» Tankha (Ranjit Bawa)
» Paune 8 - Ranjit Bawa (Ranjit Bawa)
» Skoda (Ranjit Bawa)
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