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Biography: Mankirt Aulakh was born on 2 October in Fathebad, Haryana and is currently living in Mohali. He made his debut as a singer in 2013. Earlier, he was a sportsman. He made his debut with song Darshan Karke which was released on 22 Nov 2013 by Moviebox record label. The music of this song was given by DJ Sanj. After that, he came up with song Kaka Ji which was released in Feb 2014. This song was released by Speed Records. The song was written by Preet Judge and the music was given by Gupz Sehra. This song proved to be very successful in Mankirt career. Kaka Ji was the fame track for Mankirt Aulakh. He then came up with more hit songs.

Mankirt Aulakh New Song Download

» Bas Kar (Mankirt Aulakh)
» 21 Century (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Purje (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Kamli (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Brotherhood (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Gangland 3D Song (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Badnam Remix (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Bhangra Mashup (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Daru Band Dhol Remix (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Daru Band (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Badnam Mashup (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Youth (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Mankirt Bhangra Mashup (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Khyal (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Boliyan (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Jatt Di Clip (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Daang (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Versace Full Song (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Jatt (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Badnam (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Jail (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Gangland (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Changa Ni Lagda (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Saheli (Mankirt Aulakh)
» England (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Ashiqui (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Choorhey Wali Bahh (Twinbeatz Remix) (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Dhokha Ni Kamayi Da (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Shad Ti Aashiki (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Choorhey Wali Bahh (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Tr Diyan Pantan Veet Baljit (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Kadar (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Kuwari (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Kothi (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Sheesha (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Bharjaiye (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Mashook (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Saheli(Live) (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Visa (Live Newzealand) (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Charda Syal (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Harley 7 Lakh Da (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Munda Guggu Gill Warga (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Jatt Da Blood-Mankirt Aulakh (Original) (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Jugaadi Jatt (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Putt Pardesia (Mankirt Aulakh)
» Chandigarh(Main Teri Tu Mera) (Mankirt Aulakh)
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