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Garry Sandhu New Mp3 Songs 2018

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Garry Sandhu
Punjabi Singer 2018

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Biography: Gurmukh Singh Sandhu (Garry Sandhu) is an Indian Punjabi Sikh singer. Garry Sandhu was born Fourth of april in 1984 in his village Rurka Kalan, Punjab, India. He had lived in the uk for numerous years earlier than being deported to India on 12th Jan 2012. He currently living in his village Rurka Kalan. He has his own document label, Fresh Media Records below which he releases his personal songs. Earlier he starts clothing brand Fresh Collections which are bought in shops. The original store became opened in Jalandhar and two other locations have on the grounds that been opened in Amritsar and Batala.

Garry Sandhu New Song Download

» Dobara Milde Aan (Garry Sandhu)
» Alert Kudey (Garry Sandhu)
» Lifted (Garry Sandhu)
» Snapchat (Garry Sandhu)
» Lets Talk (Garry Sandhu)
» Love You Jatta (Garry Sandhu)
» Gym (Garry Sandhu)
» Yaar Sharabi (Garry Sandhu)
» Tutya Garoor (Garry Sandhu)
» I Swear (Garry Sandhu)
» Army (Garry Sandhu)
» Rabb Jane Unplugged (Afsana Khan,Garry Sandhu)
» Yeah Baby Refix (Garry Sandhu)
» Ola Ola (Pop Version) (Garry Sandhu)
» Garry Sandhu (Garry Sandhu)
» Yea Baby (Garry Sandhu)
» Dhol (Illegal Weapon Dhol Mix) (Garry Sandhu,Jasmine Sandlas)
» Ola Ola (Garry Sandhu)
» 100 Percent (Garry Sandhu,Roach Killa)
» Akhiyaan Remix (Garry Sandhu)
» Illegal Weapon (Remix Song) (Garry Sandhu)
» Kill (Garry Sandhu)
» Dil De Kareeb (Garry Sandhu)
» Jatti VS Bottle (Garry Sandhu)
» Love (Garry Sandhu)
» Illegal Weapon (Garry Sandhu)
» Kheta Wala Jatt (Garry Sandhu)
» Ishq (Garry Sandhu)
» Jatti (Garry Sandhu)
» Rabb Jane (Garry Sandhu)
» Laddu Remix (Garry Sandhu)
» Excuses (Garry Sandhu)
» Laddu (Garry Sandhu)
» Heart Broken (Garry Sandhu)
» One Touch (Garry Sandhu)
» Chingari (Garry Sandhu)
» Laare (Garry Sandhu)
» Gallan Sachian(FULL) (Garry Sandhu)
» Teri Soh(Live) (Garry Sandhu)
» Jaanu (Garry Sandhu)
» Bappu-Garry Sandhu (Garry Sandhu)
» Tadap (Garry Sandhu)
» Edmonton(Live Show) (Garry Sandhu)
» Tadap Unplugged Version (Garry Sandhu)
» Nakhro (Garry Sandhu)
» Tanha (Garry Sandhu)
» Tak Le (Garry Sandhu)
» Star (Garry Sandhu)
» Pyar (Garry Sandhu)
» Hang (Garry Sandhu)
» Door (Garry Sandhu)
» Bach Ni (Garry Sandhu)
» Sahan Toh Piyareya (Garry Sandhu)
» Ik Gal (Garry Sandhu)
» Adidas (Garry Sandhu)
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