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Elly Mangat New Mp3 Songs 2018

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Elly Mangat
Punjabi Singer 2018

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Biography: Real Name is Harkirat Singh Mangat. He is Punjabi Singer born at Doraha (Punjab). Currently living in Canada. He became famous from his debut single Angry Bird in 2015. He starts his career with Deep Jandu and mostly songs of elly mangat written by Amantej Hundal and Karan Aujla

Elly Mangat New Song Download

» Fake Real (Elly Mangat)
» Charche (Elly Mangat)
» Kasol (Elly Mangat)
» White Gold (Elly Mangat)
» Peo Dad Bapu (Elly Mangat)
» Levels (Elly Mangat) (Album)
» Donut (Elly Mangat)
» Encourage (Elly Mangat)
» Hikk Vich Vajj (Elly Mangat)
» Badmashi (Elly Mangat)
» Free Style (Elly Mangat)
» Sarpanchi (Elly Mangat)
» Pinda Aale (Elly Mangat)
» Chronic (Elly Mangat)
» Tinted Windows (Elly Mangat)
» Plaza Again (Elly Mangat)
» Sheridan Back Plaza (Elly Mangat)
» Goli (Elly Mangat)
» Parche (Elly Mangat)
» Trouble (Elly Mangat)
» Tattoo (Elly Mangat)
» Replie (Elly Mangat)
» Baari (Elly Mangat)
» Darzan Yaar (Elly Mangat)
» Kartoos Anthem (Elly Mangat) (Album)
» About That Life (Elly Mangat)
» Kabaddi (Elly Mangat)
» News (Elly Mangat)
» Future (Elly Mangat)
» Black and White Munde (Elly Mangat)
» Beef (Elly Mangat)
» Danger Zone (Elly Mangat)
» My Pets (Elly Mangat)
» Death Line (Elly Mangat)
» Reality (Elly Mangat)
» Gunda Touch (Elly Mangat)
» Showoff (Elly Mangat)
» Thug Life 2 (Elly Mangat)
» Still Dont Snitch (Elly Mangat)
» Original Gangland (Elly Mangat)
» Hardcore Jatt (Elly Mangat)
» Cadillac (Elly Mangat)
» Yea Babby (Elly Mangat) (Album)
» Hummer (Elly Mangat)
» Shikaar (Elly Mangat)
» Death (Elly Mangat)
» Cadilac (Elly Mangat)
» Daku (Elly Mangat)
» Snitch (Elly Mangat)
» Dharti (Elly Mangat)
» Chopper(Original) (Elly Mangat)
» Yes No (Elly Mangat)
» Vintage Cars (Elly Mangat)
» Ustad (Elly Mangat)
» Swag (Elly Mangat)
» Chopper (Elly Mangat)
» Akh Laal (Elly Mangat)
» Ak 47 (Elly Mangat)
» Haan Di Udeek (Elly Mangat)
» Suspend (Elly Mangat)
» Fuddu Gallan Dj Hans (Elly Mangat)
» Affair(Dhol Mix) (Elly Mangat)
» Wait (Elly Mangat)
» Fuddu Gallan Teria (Elly Mangat)
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