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Biography: Dilpreet Dhillon is punjabi singer. And his real name is Amrinder Singh. Dilpreet born in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab. His concept inside the works of Kulwinder Dhillon. Dilpreet kicked off his making a song career with the song Gundey No. 1. The tune won extraordinary recognition proper after its release. His first album, 8 Kartoos, launched worldwide on Decemeber 17, 2015 which left a lasting affect on the minds of the target market. Dhillon additionally made his film debut with Once Upon A Time in Amritsar in the yr 2016.

Dilpreet Dhillon New Song Download

» Sirphiri Saheli (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Dunali 2 (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Weak Point (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Last Name (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Vaseet (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Middle Finger (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Yaar Graribaaz (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Red Rose (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Bone Break (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Picka (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Tere Baare.mp3 (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Pyar Diya Offera (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Gold (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Yaar Gararibaaz (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Gunday Ik Vaar Pher (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Illegal Weapon (Veet Baljit,Dilpreet Dhillon)
» GMC (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Watch (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Hunter (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Raduaa (Dilpreet Dhillon) (Album)
» Morni (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Chill Mode (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Pre Wedding (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Dunali (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Honsla Singha De (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Prohna (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Location (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Muchh Vs Suit (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Daang (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Ghat Bolde (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Mundea Da Cha (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Sade Munde Da Viah (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Yaar Khade Ne (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Swaad Kaka (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Mere Yaar (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Great Sardaar (Dilpreet Dhillon) (Album)
» End Yaar (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Thar Te Baraat (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Yaaran Da Group (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Wang (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Royal Swag Anthem (Ninja, Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Shreaam Apni (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Dilpreet Dhillon(Mashup) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Befikre (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Pagg (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Jutti Naar Di(Promo) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» End Jattiye (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Thar Wala Yaar-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Show Match Feat Fateh-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Noonh Bebe Di-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Muchh-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Kartoos-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Gulab Feat Goldy Desi Crew-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Fire Bolde (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Dhilloan Da Munda-Dilpreet Dhillon (8 Kartoos) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Gulab-Dilpreet Dhillon-Goldy (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Sirfiri Saheli-Dilpreet Dhillon(Live) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Taare Taare (Promo) (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Gunday Returns (Dilpreet Dhillon)
» Raah Jandi (Dilpreet Dhillon)
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