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Biography: Diljit Dosanjh is all rounder even he is good Punjabi Singer, Bollywood Singer even bollywod and pollywood actor. He born in Village Dosanjh Kalan, District Jalandhar on 6th of July. Ishq Da Uda Ada was his first punjabi album in 2004. After that he got fame with his hit songs in Punjabi Music Industry. Now he is going popular in Bollywood Music and Film Industry. Superhit song El Sueno(The Dream) of Diljit Dosanjh going released soon.

Diljit Dosanjh New Song Download

» Kali Teri Gut (MTV) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Jind Mahi (MTV) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ray Ban (Diljit Dosanjh)
» MTV Unplugged Season 8 (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Jimmy Choo (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Gabru Nu (Diljit Dosanjh)
» High End Remix (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Jind Mahi 3D Song (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Jatti Speaker (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Gal Baat (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Raula Pey Jana (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Punjab (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Fashion (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Lottu Dil (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Mel Gel (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Thug Life (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sahnewal (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Gulabi Pagg (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Roar (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Jind Mahi (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Aar Nanak Paar Nanak (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Putt Jatt Da DJ Hans Remix (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Putt Jatt Da (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Chill (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pagal (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Raat Di Gedi Mashup (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Soorma (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Ishq Di Baajiyaan (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sohne Munde (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Mera Ki Mareya (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sajjan Singh Rangroot (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Roti (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sajjana (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pyaas (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Weekend (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pain (Diljit Dosanjh,Kaater)
» Beedio Call (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sorry (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Offline (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Future (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Drive (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Big Scene (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Confidential (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Peepa (Diljit Dosanjh)
» High End (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Welcome To New York (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Punjabi Mashup 2018 (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Move Your Lakk Remix (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Raat Di Gedi (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Garrari Pitbull Te (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Rog (Diljit Dosanjh)
» 5 Taara (Hip Hop Bhangra Fusion) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Glorious Gallan (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ho Gya Talli (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Kalliyan Kulliyan (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Hawa Vich (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sadda Move (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Move Your Lakk (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ranjana (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Naughty Billo (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Dum Dum(Reprise) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Phillauri Movie Songs (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Naughty Billos (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ranjana(Phillauri) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Laembadgini (Diljit Dosanjh) (Album)
» Dhan Guru Nanak (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Chustiyan (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Deh Shiva (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Do You Know (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Baari Barsi (IIFA) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Suited Booted(Remix) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Technology(Live) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Rumal (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Razamand (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pappleen (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Mitran Da Junction (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Desi Daru (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Sardaar Ji (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ikk Kudi (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Coca Cola(Live) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Supermacy Of Khalsa (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Tere Kanna Vich (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Roki Na (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Ranjhna (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Party Drop (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Panamera White (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Hona ni (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Daru Muk Je (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Birthday Bash (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pagg Wala Munda(Remix) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pagg Wala Munda (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Pagg Wala Munda(Full) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Govt College (Live) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» 2 Rotiyan (Live) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» 5 Taara-Diljit Dosanjh(Live) (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Faiz E Noor (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Jatt Fire Karda (Diljit Dosanjh)
» Patiala Peg (Diljit Dosanjh)
» 5 Taara (Diljit Dosanjh)
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