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Biography: Daman (Rodu) was born on 9th of December, in village of Ealwal, District Sangrur. He went to the Punjab Public School of Nabha. While he was in 1st grade, Daman was introduced in a movie Fauji Di Family by his father Mr. Gurchet Chitarkar, who is well known figure worldwide in the South Asian Community. Daman is also interested in establishing himself as a successful singer and a model. His Debut Song - DP (Display Picture) Released in Jan 2017.

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» Windows Down (Daman Sandhu)
» Lit Night (Paul G, Daman Sandhu)
» Mustang (Daman Sandhu)
» Munda Haan Daa (Daman Sandhu)
» Maskara (Daman Sandhu)
» DP (Daman Sandhu) *Video*
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