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Biography: Babbu Maan Real Name is Tejinder Singh Maan. He is World Famous Punjabi Singer, Writer and also Actor. He currently lives in Mohali but he is from Khant Maanpur in Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib. From 1999 he released eight studio albums and he recorder his first punjabi album Sajjan Rumaal De Geya in 1998 and Tu Meri Miss India Full Album in 1999 and third full album Saaun Di Jhadi released in 2001 which contains evergreen hit songs . Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean is first debut punjabi movie released in 2006 and Hashar released in 2008

Babbu Maan New Song Download

» Live Show Part 10 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 9 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 8 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 7 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 6 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 5 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 4 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 3 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 2 (Babbu Maan)
» Live Show Part 1 (Babbu Maan)
» Ik C Pagal (Babbu Maan)
» Stud (Babbu Maan)
» Bentley (Babbu Maan)
» Pain (Babbu Maan)
» Swagger (Babbu Maan)
» Mole (Babbu Maan)
» Zumba (Babbu Maan)
» Mummy Daddy (Babbu Maan)
» Raat (Babbu Maan)
» Naar (Babbu Maan)
» Mehndi (Babbu Maan)
» Teri Yaad Aati Hai (Babbu Maan)
» Mere Fan (Babbu Maan)
» Taau Khasme Milna (Shabad) (Babbu Maan)
» DAF Bama Awards 2017 (Babbu Maan)
» Telefoon (Babbu Maan) *Video*
» Jawab (Babbu Maan)
» Delhi To Lahore (Babbu Maan)
» Dil Di Gal (Interview) (Babbu Maan) *Video*
» Samundar (Babbu Maan)
» Khyal (Babbu Maan)
» Best Shayri (Babbu Maan)
» Baarish Ke Bahane (Babbu Maan)
» Gorgeous (Babbu Maan)
» Main Devdas Tu Paro (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Zehar (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Ohnu Pucho (Babbu Maan)
» Akh Lad Gayi (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Tu Kamlya Bohta Sohna Ni (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Joban (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Joban (Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Mehndi (Babbu Maan)
» Rally (Babbu Maan)
» Rally (Babbu Maan)
» Maserati Live (Babbu Maan)
» Mein Bahuta Sohna Nai (Babbu Maan)
» Birmingham Live (Babbu Maan)
» Jogiya (Babbu Maan)
» Umeed(31st October) (Babbu Maan)
» Online (Babbu Maan) *Video*
» Tenu Allergy Maan To(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Tatto Bnaunde Fan (Babbu Maan)
» Rang Rung(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Bhene Meriye(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Emotional Shayri Canada Live 2016 (Babbu Maan)
» April Fool Day(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Shayri (Rurka Kalan) (Babbu Maan)
» Ik Stud Ik Hasina(Promo) (Babbu Maan)
» Tera Fan (Promo) (Babbu Maan)
» Rabb Nai Milda(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Murgi (Full Song) (Babbu Maan)
» Taxi-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» Selfie-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» Praatt-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» Itihaas-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» College-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» Boli-Babbu Maan (Itihaas) (Babbu Maan)
» Khat (Babbu Maan)
» Doctor vs Nurse(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Murgi (Babbu Maan)
» Laarian De Naal (Babbu Maan)
» Sundar Sa(Live) (Babbu Maan)
» Maa Diye Mombatiye(Live) (Babbu Maan)
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