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Biography: Amninderpal Singh Virk is real name of Ammy Virk. He is Punjabi Sikh Singer and Actor born at Lohar Majra Village District Patiala on 11th of May. He got fame from his debut song Chandigarh Diyan Kudian in 2012 after that his first album Jattizm was going popular in 2013 and he got best punjabi album award by PTC. Ammy became famous from his acting in Angrej Punjabi Movie with Amrinder Gill and Nikka Zaildar with Sonam Bajwa. Now latest superhit movie Nikka Zaildar Part 2 is released already.

Ammy Virk New Song Download

» Athri Jawani (Ammy Virk)
» Double Cross (Ammy Virk)
» Mucch (Ammy Virk)
» Background (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Gallan Teria (Ammy Virk)
» Pasand Jatt Di (Ammy Virk)
» Hath Chumme 3D Song (Ammy Virk)
» Daryaa (Ammy Virk)
» Hath Chumme (Ammy Virk)
» Heeriyaan Di Khaan (Ammy Virk)
» Akh Surme Di (Ammy Virk)
» Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Harjeeta (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Chann Di Chawaani (Ammy Virk)
» Radio (Ammy Virk)
» Laung Laachi (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Chidi Blauri (Ammy Virk)
» Akhiyaan Naar Diyaan (Ammy Virk)
» Dynamite (Ammy Virk)
» Vich Videsha De (Ammy Virk)
» Sat Shri Akal England (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Jatt Da Kaleja (Ammy Virk)
» Hanju (Ammy Virk)
» Sindhoori (Ammy Virk)
» Nikka Zaildar 2 (Ammy Virk) (Album)
» Gaani (Ammy Virk)
» Kali Jotta (Ammy Virk)
» Qismat (Ammy Virk)
» Pinda Wale (Ammy Virk)
» Saab Bahadar Theme 2 (Ammy Virk)
» Gedha (Ammy Virk)
» Sargi (Ammy Virk)
» Crack Jatt (Ammy Virk)
» Vekh Ke Hasdi (Ammy Virk)
» Akh Boldi (Ammy Virk)
» Record Bolde (Ammy Virk)
» Doomna (Ammy Virk)
» Hassiyan Khedian (Ammy Virk)
» Rakhne Aa Yaar (Virasat Sandhu, Ammy Virk)
» Minni Cooper (Ammy Virk)
» Hu Haal Ve (Ammy Virk)
» Wattan Uttey (Ammy Virk)
» Mini Cooper (Ammy Virk)
» Lagdi Na Akh (Ammy Virk)
» Rakhi Soneya Ve (Ammy Virk)
» Dulha Bhatti (Ammy Virk)
» Surma To Sandals (Ammy Virk)
» Dil Wali Gal (Ammy Virk)
» Haan Kargi(Original) (Ammy Virk)
» Vail Puna (Ammy Virk)
» Vellpune Di Tor (Ammy Virk)
» Zindabaad Yaarian (Ammy Virk)
» Bambukat (Ammy Virk)
» Dushman (Ammy Virk)
» Subah (Ammy Virk)
» Famous Jatt (Ammy Virk)
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